Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mocha Crunch Cake

My first official cake order! Yay!

I was thrilled when my friends Aaron and Tsu requested a birthday cake for their friends giving me the freedom of making any cake of my choice as long as it had two things -- chocolate and coffee. Classic chocolate cake with coffee flavored frosting was the first thing that popped into my mind, but I wanted to do something special and different for my first official cake order. So I created Mocha Crunch Cake!

One of my favorite treats growing up in the Philippines was Choco Mocha Crunch cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. This cake is my own take on the childhood favorite cake.

Between the layers of airy chocolate sponge cake is a medley of chocolate custard cream, lightly sweetened coffee whipped cream and delicious honeycomb coffee crunch bits.

The cake is topped with the same coffee whipped cream and chocolate covered espresso beans, and surrounded by homemade chocolate lady fingers.

Thanks Aaron and Tsu for being my first official customers! I hope that both Vince and Flor had a happy birthday and that you all enjoyed the cake.


  1. That looks delicious!! Good job :)

  2. whoo yay! it looks beautiful!

  3. Ji came through in short notice to deliver a wonderfully delicious birthday cake for my friends Vince and Florbela.

    Highly recommended.