Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Making a mousse cake is a lot of work. It involves baking a cake, making the mousse (two different types in this case), chilling it, and assembling the cake in a ring mold, freezing the cake so the ring mold can be removed without perturbing the different layers and then finally the finishing touches.

But the finished product is definitely worth all the work. My friend Fenglin from Google wanted a special birthday cake for her piano teacher at her brunch party -- something fruity, something light and refreshing. Strawberries are at its peak season and everybody loves chocolate. So I decided to create a strawberry white chocolate mousse cake.

This cake has seven different layers -- starting from the bottom: 
  • fluffy dark chocolate sponge cake 
  • silky white chocolate mousse 
  • strawberry puree, which accentuates the sweet strawberry flavor 
  • more white chocolate mousse
  • dark chocolate sponge cake
  • strawberry mousse with bits of fresh strawberries
  • and finally topped with a thin layer of white chocolate mousse

The cake was lined with chocolate ladyfingers to add to the texture and decorated with dark chocolate dipped strawberries. And as a final touch, I baked a little sugar cookie for a special birthday message per request!

This is probably the most complex cake I've created so far, but I love challenges and seeing a beautiful slice of the cake with different layers makes me happy. :D 
And of course hearing from Fenglin that everyone enjoyed the cake made everything more worthwhile!


  1. I was so proud when I told everyone that the cake was customized by my friend Ji, and even more proud when every one started taking pictures right after seeing the cake... it also tasted soooooo good, light, and refreshing. Everyone enjoyed it at the party... and I'm missing the flavor now...

    thanks Ji!!

  2. Yea I like how the outside doesn't betray the layers inside.... preserving the surprise for when you cut the cake!

  3. Hi Ji!
    Do you deliver to S. Korea ?!?!

    just kidding :)
    looks like really nice