Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pina Colada Cupcakes

More birthdays!

My beloved friend Penny is a very fun, adventurous, and quirky girl. Petunia (or Petunes or Tunes) became our nickname for her when she told us the story of how she randomly decided to give herself a flower nickname in high school. This is also when she thought Fertile Surroundings would make an awesome name for her website name that would display her graphics design work. Yup, she is definitely unique.

It's only fitting that her birthday cake is as exciting and special as she is. So last year, I baked a Mojito (a cocktail made with rum and mint leaves muddled in sugar) cake for her and this year, keeping with the cocktail theme, I wanted to make a Pina Colada cake. And since we were planning a birthday picnic lunch for her out near a U-Pick fruit orchard, I decided on cupcakes for easy transportability.

The fluffy vanilla bean coconut cupcakes made with creamy coconut milk were perfectly moist with tiny black specs of vanilla beans and a hint of coconut and rum flavor.

These cupcakes were then filled with a generous amount of sweet, tangy pineapple curd with small bits of fresh pineapple in it. They were topped with rum spiked coconut cream cheese frosting. And then finished with a light sprinkle of toasted coconut with a simple adornment of dried pineapple on top.

I love cupcakes with filling because it's such a pleasant surprise when you take that first bite into the cupcake and the filling starts oozing out. This cupcake especially provided a good contrast in different textures: fluffy cake with creamy pineapple filling and frosting and then the crunch from the toasted coconut. The coconut flavor was subtle (non coconut-lovers liked the cupcakes!) but strong enough to come across and meld with the pineapple and the rum just as in a refreshing glass of Pina Colada.

I'm already getting kind of excited thinking about what cake I can make for her next year's birthday!

Happy Birthday Petunia! Love you! <3 font="">


  1. so sad i missed these!

    hahahahahaha to your intro. penny/petunes/pen-quan has very fertile surroundings :)

  2. Yum! They look pretty and oh so delicious. I hope you guys saved room for the fresh fruit you picked!

  3. awwww I love you too! Perfect alkie cake :)