Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red Velvet Cake with Rresh Berries

[Delayed post! I must be more diligent about blogging...]

I love bringing baked goodies to work (although I don't do it as often now...) because my coworkers devour them. I love seeing people enjoy the things I make and that is why I bake (that just rhymed!) - besides the creativity part and the fun process portion of baking. My coworker Iain is one of the people who make me very happy by taking more than a single serving of whatever I bake. So obviously, I was stoked when Iain commissioned a very special birthday cake for his wife, Martha.

While trying to brainstorm for different types of cakes and flavor combinations, I mentioned a red velvet cake as an option, perhaps with a touch of fresh berry puree to add some freshness to the otherwise rich cake. That's when I realized Iain had never tasted or even heard of the greatest red velvet cake!

For those of you who don't know what it is, a red velvet cake is a rich, moist cake with a hint of chocolate flavor and with a red color most commonly found in southern part of the US. It's best paired with cream cheese frosting. It may sound strange, but trust me. It is DELICIOUS and kind of cool with its bright red color.

Anyways, we could either go with safer cakes like a traditional chocolate cake or vanilla cake with fruit filling. But Iain who is always open to trying something new and exciting and adventurous decided to go with the red velvet cake. And I decided to add a touch of my own to the traditional red velvet cake by incorporating fresh berries and berry puree into the cake layers.

The moist, vibrantly colored cake layers were generously brushed with thickened berry puree made from fresh raspberries and strawberries. In between the cake layers were fresh berries and light cream cheese frosting with a hint of vanilla. Finally, the cake was coated with some more cream cheese frosting for the white velvety finish and adorned with more fresh berries.

I was delighted to hear that Iain, his wife, family, and friends who got together to celebrate Martha's birthday enjoyed the cake a lot. Most of them had not had a red velvet cake before like Iain and I hope that this cake put the red velvet cake way up there on their favorite cake list! 

Thanks Iain!


  1. It was seriously yummy. Our neighbors and Martha's aunt ended up having some, and everyone had lots of theories for how it was done. Martha's aunt was claiming there were sugar beets in there. Our neighbors told us it was a traditional southern recipe.

    Thanks, Ji!