Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dancing Shoe and Baby Shower Red Velvet Cakes

More Red Velvet cakes!

Coincidentally (or maybe with a tiny little bit of influence from me) and conveniently, I got requested two red velvet cakes during the same week by Maritza and Eddie.

Martiza was hosting a baby shower for her friend who was expecting a baby girl and Eddie was attending a friend's birthday party. The birthday girl happened to love dancing and especially salsa dancing. There were endless things I could do for a baby shower cake. Baby bibs, strollers, rattles, diapers, baby bottle, cute little onsies... just tons of cute little pink things I could make! But how was I supposed to make a cake "dance-themed"???

A couple of ideas came up. Drawing a silhouette of dancers on the cake seemed cool at first but there was a good chance the drawing could end up looking like an unrecognizable blob. I could also attempt rolling out fondant for the first time and make cutouts of musical notes and dancers to put all around the side of a cake, but it could end up looking like random shapes stuck to the cake.

After looking through pages and pages of Google image search results of 'dancers', 'dance', 'salsa dance' and many others, I decided to keep it simple and do a decoration with a salsa dancing shoe. The challenge here was to make the shoe look like a dancing shoe and not just a random sandal but putting some musical notes around the shoe should do the job.

Now that I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I made a couple of sketches of the different shapes, baked sugar cookies in those shapes, and decorated them with simple sugar icing.

It was a ton of fun decorating these cookies - a blank brown sugar cookie slowly taking its shape into a cute little baby rattle as I put on the different layers.

The cakes themselves were three layer red velvet cakes. Each layer was generously brushed with fresh blackberry and strawberry puree then layered with vanilla cream cheese frosting and fresh raspberries. I really like the combination of a red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting and fresh berries. Because red velvet cake has only a very subtle hint of cocoa, it almost tastes like a very flavorful vanilla cake which makes it a perfect canvas for lots of fresh berry flavors.

I was delighted to hear both Martiza and Eddie that the cakes were big hits at their parties. And apparently, the birthday girl's dancing shoe looks just like the cookie!
Thank you both!


  1. Incredible about the shoe similarity, in looks and taste! j/k. The cake AND shoe were delicious...everyone loved it! Thanks again for your cake and creativity.

  2. i love the detail on the cookies! looks awesome :)

  3. omg.... I LOVE the shoes and cute little cookies :)