Monday, December 14, 2009

South Park White Cake with White Chocolate Frosting

I am so behind on my cake posts!

I'm always looking for new challenges and exciting things to try for my cake creations. I've had good opportunities to do just this with cakes in the past, like the Reese's cake, Salsa dance-themed one and others. But this time, the challenge was to go in a whole different direction from my usual cake style - I was asked to create a South Park themed cake. For those of you who haven't watched South Park, here's what our friend Wikipedia has to say.

My coworker Russ and his wife Donna's son Alexander's birthday was coming up. After brainstorming, going back and forth on some ideas, we decided a South Park themed cake would be perfect for Alexander, an avid South Park fan. The cake itself would be a white cake with frosting whipped up with melted white chocolate, another one of Alexander's favorite.

I've never really ventured into the 'funny cake land' before so it sure posed a new challenge for me. I decided to stick with what I've done before - making cookie decorations. 

So here it is, the South Park themed cake with the four main character's faces on sugar cookies decorated with chocolate and icing. 

This two layer rich white cake had frothy whipped white chocolate ganache frosting in between the layers and on top. The simple yet elegant flavor combination was a perfect crowd pleaser. 

For some strange reason, my hands were a lot more shakier than usual so the letters and borders on the cakes turned out bumpy much to my dismay. But in the end, it all turned out well especially when Russ sent me some pictures of Alexander with a huge smile in front of the cake. They made me very happy :)  

Thank you Russ and Donna! 


  1. hahaha... not the typical "ji" cake but awesome still :)

  2. This cake was a big hit with Alex and his friends. The decorations are of course something that only a 14 year old can appreciate, but the cake itself was really good also. Thanks again Ji for being willing to do something so far from your "good taste" zone.