Thursday, April 15, 2010

D-2 cake baking, check!

I baked up an absolute crazy storm tonight. I started baking right when I got home from work and I'm finally done. So it comes out to be about 4 hours - not too shabby considering how many cakes I produced. I made two of 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 14 inch cakes. Because I only had one of the 10 inch and the 14 inch cake pan, and only one pan can fit in the oven at a time, I whipped up the cake batter 6 separate times!

It's a simple classic yellow cake that's buttery and rich but delicate in its texture. I am very excited about how well it will complement the silky vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries with a bit of a crunch from the meringue layer.

I was planning on baking only a portion of the cakes tonight but somehow I got in the zone and just churned all of them out. Now that I only have the assembly left to do (transporting the cake to the venue is a whole another beast I need to deal with later), I feel a lot less pressure for tomorrow.

I got a really good tip from this cake book about using bake-even strips around the cake pan while baking for an evenly shaped cake. And today, I learned first hand that they really do work. They keep the edges of the cake from cooking faster than the center of the cake resulting in a more level cake especially for larger cakes. If you've baked cakes that had a funny bump in the middle with deep cracks, these are what you need.

Crossing my fingers that everything will go as planned for Lisa's perfect wedding day!


  1. so that's what those weird strips were next to the oven... good to know!

  2. feel free to use them when you bake!