Tuesday, April 20, 2010

D-Day The Wedding day

Finally the wedding day! Let me just start by saying that the wedding day went perfectly -- a perfect sunny day, beautiful bride and groom, good company, and of course, the wedding cake turned out well.

The night before the wedding day, I ended up staying up too late to prep the cakes and doing laundry and packing that I did not have time to update the blog. I was leaving to Korea right after the wedding ceremony for a family emergency so I was completely flustered trying to multi-task. On top of the packing and getting ready to leave to Korea, I had to borrow a large car from work to transport the cake safely to the venue, assemble/ice the cakes, pack up all of the materials I need onsite during the cake assembly.

I had made a giant mess of buttercream spattered everywhere on the floor as I was trying to make that perfectly smooth surface so it took a long time to clean up. My back was aching as I was tilted sideways with a spatula on one side of the cake using the turntable to smooth out the frosting for over an hour. And I was nervous as hell praying that everything would go as planned.

The day of the wedding, I woke up around 6:30 am and loaded up the car with the help of my trusty assistant Penny. The biggest fear for me was transporting the cakes to the reception site. I was afraid the bumps and curves of the road would topple the cakes over or smash them right into the wall leaving me with unusable cakes and no back-up plan. But because the cakes were refrigerated pretty solid overnight, the cakes felt perfectly safe and secure in the back. And we got to the site safely around 7:30am.

When we arrived at The Village Pub, the staff was already busy arranging the tables, polishing stemware and cleaning up the space. Penny and I unloaded everything and settled down to start the assembly process. The halogen lamps directly above the table where the cake was to be setup was giving off a fare amount of heat so we dimmed the light and worked in the darkness to prevent the frosting from melting too much.

A Multi-tiered cake requires a good solid structure in each of the tiers to be able to prevent the tiers from collapsing down. The cake itself is not strong enough to support all the weight above so dowels need to be inserted in the tiers. So dowels cut to the right length are inserted into the bottom tier, then the next cake tier with a cardboard round on the bottom gets placed above the dowel supports.

The stacking process went very smoothly. Some patch work needed to be done here and there to cover up the gaps and imperfections. And finally for the finishing touches, I did a little decorative bead work with the buttercream around the seams where the tiers met to hide the sides of the cardboard rounds visible from the outside.

When the florist arrived, beautiful purple orchids and roses were artfully inserted into the cake. As the cake sat fully assembled with stunning flowers (and purple is my favorite color too) under a spotlight in the reception hall, a giant sense of relief and happiness came gushing in and I no longer had to worry about ruining Lisa's happy wedding day!

The ceremony was at Memorial Church at Stanford University. I never thought I would cry seeing a bride walk down an aisle, but I did seeing Lisa in her beautiful white dress walking down gracefully with a smile on her face. Needless to say, it was a perfect wedding.

Unfortunately, I had to leave abruptly to catch my flight right before the cake cutting, but I was so grateful to see the cake being appreciated by everyone and to hear later on that people enjoyed eating it as well.

This is by far my biggest project to date and successful! I'm so happy that I got to take part in my dear friend Lisa's wedding. Congratulations Lisa and Sihong!


  1. omg Unni the cake looks AMAZING! I want to bury my face in that thing. Hope everything is ok with your family- :)

  2. UNNI! This is amazing!!! You did it! :D What a beautiful masterpiece of a cake~ and I'm sure it tasted delicious!

  3. totally agree with everything that moon and hees said. i can't believe you baked that!!! you should open a bakery and call it a day. mouth is watering now... hope everything is ok w/ the fam, and congrats on rocking this huge project!

  4. awww thanks girls :) I will see you girls soon hopefully when i get back!
    (Soo! hope your planning is going well!!)

  5. The cake was absolutely delicious!!! We are so thankful that you got up so early and worked so hard on the cake! It was definitely the best wedding present ever :) I am going to track down a picture that Dr. Ta took of his son licking the plate clean :) His daughter had cake all over her face too! They each had two pieces of cake and licked the plate TWICE! It can be the new logo for cakesbyji!

  6. ji the cake looked amazing!!!!