Thursday, August 26, 2010

Erin Bell's Wedding Cake

Massively overdue post -- I've been kept so busy with little things here and there!

Erin's wedding was absolutely beautiful. The deep magenta and green color combinations of her flowers could not have been more perfect for the outdoor reception on such a beautiful summer day.

Some crisp, buttery, sweet jam filled trio cookies...

And dark chocolate sandwich cookies with white chocolate ganache in between...

The two tier wedding cake was a simple yellow cake with tart and sweet lemon curd and fresh blackberry filling.

I absolutely love this photo taken by my freshman roommate. Kudos to you, Kelly!

Congratulations you two! <3 div="">

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pac-Man Cake and Cookies

Zeena whom I made the message-in-a-bottle cake for previously sought me out for her son's upcoming birthday. Her son Isaac was celebrating his special day with a Pac-Man themed party, his favorite game. I love Pac-Man. It brings back so many of my fondest memories, one of which is my college graduation. My friends and I actually cut out giant Pac-Man, and Miss Pac-Man, ghosts and cherries out of colored cardboard and ran around the stadium holding them during our traditional graduate processional into our stadium called the Wacky Walk. Fun times!

Here's a little fun Google Doodle version if you want to play quick game!

Zeena wanted the cake flavor to be the same as the one I made for her before -- vanilla chiffon cake with strawberry puree and generous amounts of fresh strawberry slices and light vanilla mousse between the cake layers. For her previous cake, I had used a whilte chocolate frosting for the outside for the white satiny finish but for this cake, I decided to cover it with dark chocolate frosting to get that nice dark background to recreate the Pac-Man game screen on.

The cake was decorated to match the lovely inviation Zeena had created for the party. I made little ghosts and pacman cookies and used yellow mini M&Ms for the dots that the Pac-Man consumes.

In addition to the cake, Zeena requested for some matching cookies to go along with. I found this perfect little tulip cookie cutter that I could use to make Pac-Man ghosts when flipped upside down.

The cookie base was simple sugar cookie dough rolled out and baked till crisp and then covered with colored icing. The eyes were created with white chocolate and milk chocolate chips. The ghosts were absolutely adorable when they were put in a giant cluster butted up against each other!

It was great to hear that the party was a success and that the cookies added a nice decorative touch to it. Thank you so much Zeena for your kind words!