Friday, September 10, 2010

Tim Chueh's Wedding Cake

I have been everywhere the past few weeks with birthdays and travels so my posts are very very overdue. Time to catch up!
Tim is a fellow classmate of mine from college and I was absolutely delighted by the opportunity to make a wedding cake for him and his beautiful finance Cyndy. Because Tim is living in Philadelphia, the cake planning had to be done long distance via emails. It ended up not being difficult as Tim and Cyndy were extremely cooperative and trusted me a great deal that I would deliver a quality cake. Because it was long distance, we did not even have a chance to do a cake tasting like I have done with other wedding cakes, but they decided to go ahead with the cake anyways. I sincerely thank them for trusting me so much.
After going back and forth on the ideas for the different flavors, we decided on chocolate raspberry cake and as Cyndy loves chocolate ganache (as do I!), I incorporated it into the cake.

This cake had chocolate cake as its base and had raspberry buttercream with fresh raspberries and rich dark chocolate ganache filling alternating between the four layers of cake. Then finally, the cake was frosted with velvety vanilla buttercream frosting for the classic white wedding cake finish.
I found decorating cakes with fresh flowers to be my favorite. To me, it's the most beautiful, the simplest, yet elegant while completely matching the rest of the reception site decor. And so Tim and Cyndy's cake was done this way as well.

While setting the cake up, I had a chance to look around the reception site. It was absolutely beautiful, decorated with flowers of my favorite color -- purple. And each table was labeled with restaurant names that are special to the couple where they shared memories together. It was simply perfect.
Congratulations you two!

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