Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chocolate Banana Cupcake and Boston Cream Pie

Recently my boyfriend Eric's little nephew turned one!

He's developed a very sophisticated palate over the year. He loves hummus - all kinds including spicy and roasted garlic ones - avocados and he absolutely adores bananas. He often devours one as an appetizer before he drinks his bottle of milk.

So for his first birthday party at a park, I decided to make banana cupcakes, but I didn't want plain ole banana cake. I wanted to jazz it up with some special filling and decorations on top.

The cake which had spongier and lighter texture than butter-based cake was banana chiffon cake with a generous amount of mashed bananas incorporated into it. The cupcake was then filled with creamy, rich dark chocolate pastry cream and then frosted with a light cream cheese frosting infused with vanilla beans.

To make the cupcakes more fun and to add more interesting textures, I coated the sides with crushed oreo crumbs and then topped them with little colorful star shaped candies and crunchy chocolate pearls.

After singing him his very first Happy Birthday, he dove right into the cupcake that was as large as his head trying to take a bite with his tiny little itsy bitsy mouth. So adorable!

Continuing with the birthday extravaganza, for Rick's birthday celebration at Grill'Em (a grill your own steak place), I wanted a cake that's not too rich after a gigantuous steak feast. And Rick usually does not like anything "weird" in desserts meaning no dried fruits, no ginger, or no strong spices. Generally things with chocolate win him over. So I decided to make Boston Cream Pie which is actually not a pie but a cake filled with custard and frosted with chocolate.

It was a two layer of sponge cake with creamy vanilla custard filling in between. I dabbed the cake layers with a bit of Kalhua to infuse some more flavor and also to add to the birthday festivity. The cake was finished off with a layer of rich dark chocolate ganache on top. Overall the cake was perfectly light but with that little bit of chocolate richness at the end.

I ended up with some extra of all the cake components so I made a mini Boston Cream Pie!

Happy birthday boys!


  1. omggg boston creme pie & dark chocolate ganache? can we hang out more???

  2. :) tell me when/where and im there