Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tracy's Wedding Cookie Trios

On a perfect summer day a month and half ago, my roommate Erin's older sister Tracy had her beautiful wedding at their parents' house up on a hill in Saratoga. The wedding ceremony was held at their backyard which was completely re-landscaped and transformed into a stunning wedding venue with a hilltop view and freshly laid grass. And then it was followed by brief refreshments and picture taking sessions and a reception at a country club afterwards.

My job was to make little baked refreshments to go with pearl milk tea (what a brilliant idea!) that was being served at the ceremony site. I did not want just one kind of baked goodie, but a variety - maybe something for chocolate lovers, something Asian to go with PMT and something else that was fruity.

I baked up a storm in my small kitchen for a couple of hours and churned out about 400 servings of:

Green tea sandwich cookies with white chocolate ganache filling - these were made with real Japanese Matcha powder to give that fragrant green tea flavor and the vibrant green color. They were sprinkled with a little bit of turbinado sugar for an additional crunch. The sweet white chocolate provided a good contrast to the tiny bitterness of the green tea.

Chocolate sandwich cookies with dark chocolate ganache filling - these little cookies were chocolate all the way. The cookie dough was made with dark cocoa powder, piped into little horse shoe shapes, baked till crisp and filled with rich dark chocolate ganache.

Tangy lemon bars - The creamy filling was sweet and tangy from the fresh lemon juice and provided a nice textural contrast from the crispy nutty crust on the bottom. These bars were made in a large sheet pan then cut into sizes. They were adorned with powdered sugar and little tiny edible gold stars.

The wedding was perfect. It was not too big, very intimate, and simple yet elegant. I'm glad I got to be a part of it and I was very happy to see everyone enjoying the treats.

Special thanks to my trusty assistant and my roommate Petunia.

Congratulations Tracy and Charles! You guys make a beautiful happy couple :)

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