Monday, November 29, 2010

Stewie Red Velvet Cake

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For a couple of months, my friend Deepti had been reminding me time to time that she wanted a Family Guy cake for her October birthday. Luckily, my work trip to Asia that was supposed to coincide with her birthday got canceled so I was able to keep my promise to her that I would make her a Stewie (her favorite charater) cake.

Here is a three layer red velvet cake with rich vanilla infused cream cheese frosting and Stewie made out of sugar cookies. Sometimes what's simple is the most delicious. The birthday dinner was wonderful and the birthday girl was delighted when the cake appeared in front of her!

By the way, while looking up images of Stewie for the cake, I noticed that it is extremely difficult to find a non-evil, genuinely happy facial expression of him. The search result page was filled with sneering, plotting, angry, shouting Stewies. I love Stewie.

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