Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Meyer Lemon Bars, S'mores, and Caramel Popcorn at Open House Dessert Bar

Mi Young Lee, my good friend from college and a talented real estate broker had her very first listing up for an open house a couple of months ago. As much of an over-achiever as she is, she decided to take on everything including hand-selecting and purchasing furniture, and staging the place on her own with the help of our another uber talented friend, June. 

To make the open house day extra special and memorable, Mi Young and June planned the day out meticulously with food and beverages. And I wanted to help them out by making some desserts to go with June's homemade mini quiches. 

I wanted to make something delicious, easy to transport, something that people can walk by, quickly grab and pop in their mouths. So I decided to make lemon bars, s'mores cereal treats I made for Ethel and Brian's wedding (because you can never go wrong with them) and caramel popcorn with M&Ms to add some color to the table. 

These special lemon bars were made from freshly picked meyer lemons from our friends' backyard -- sweet and fragrant with just the right amount of tanginess. I just love how they look on a white plate with the bright yellow color!

Other than the s'mores cereal treats, another recent obsession of mine has been making popcorn from scratch (not microwave). I love how you can be creative with flavors and the anticipation of seeing a pile of steamy white popped kernels when I open the pot lid gives me excitement. I simply tossed the freshly popped popcorns with homemade sea salt caramel, then baked them off in the oven to make them extra crunchy. Finally, Pretzel M&Ms -- my favorite -- were added for a pop of color. 

Along with other decorations, June made these adorable paper cones that were perfect for the popcorn. 

And as a huge fan of mason jars (they are so versatile), I had to include them in the decor so I made these name tags to go along with the desserts I made. 

Overall, I think June and I may have gone a touch overboard with the amount of food and decorations for an open house, but I absolutely loved being a part of it.  

Needless to say, the open house was a huge success with multiple offers and a final sale. With such a massive turnout and rave reviews on their first listing, I'm very excited to see where they goes from here. 

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